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If you struggle with household chores which cause you stress, you should enlist the help of a professional which can put things right for you. I f you are moving out of a rented property, our comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleaning service is ideal for an effective and prompt solution. You don’t have to spend any of your money buying cleaning material, as we will bring all necessary equipment.

Additionally, a professional end of tenancy cleaning can also help in getting a refund of your house deposit from your agent or landlord. This is usually done by providing written confirmation that the rented property has been professionally cleaned. 

Every property and customer is different; however, you can expect the folloring as standard with our thorough end-of-tenancy cleaning services:

end of tenancy kitchen cleaning


The cleaners clean the entire kitchen cupboards, the oven, microwave, cleaning the dishwasher, the fridge, cleaning all kitchen countertops, wiping the inside freezer and washing of removable trays or shelves, as well as cleaning the grill. The surface floors also need to be swept and washed thoroughly; the sink is cleaned and polished. 

professional bathroom cleaning


Disinfection and scrubbing are required for bathroom tiles and floors, clean baths & showers, the toilets and bathroom sinks. The counters, door frames and skirting boards all need to be wiped. The mirrors need to be cleaned, and bathroom sinks which need to be well polished and scrubbed. All llimescale to be removed.

end of tenancy cleaning services birmingham

Living room & Bedrooms

All floor surfaces to be well mopped, vacuumed and cleaned if necessary. Other areas that require attention include; cleaning mirrors, inside windows, empty wardrobes and cupboards. The window sills and ledges also need to be dusted. All cobwebs need to be removed. The tables and other furniture need to be thoroughly polished.


You will most likely find a new property you move into very clean at first. As a tenant, you own the right to get a hygienic and clean property, but this standard ought to be maintained throughout the tenancy. Most tenants do not do a thorough cleaning on a week to week basis, and this accumulates to months before they decide to move. 

When moving out, however, tenants need to ensure they leave the property clean just as they found it when they moved in. Since the process of moving is very hectic, landlords and tenants need to seek the cleaning services from cleaning companies.