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After natural gas boilers, electric boilers are the most preferred central heating system throughout the United Kingdom. There are many well-known boilers available in the market. In many cases, electric boilers are efficient, convenient and cost-effective. 

They are preferable to other fuel alternatives as they are the safest kind of boilers. This ensures that the consumers do not suffer from adverse effects that may occur from the use of natural gas boilers such as gas leaks. Electric boilers are also advantages since their mechanical parts require less maintenance as compared to natural gas boilers.


There are several types of electric boilers such as  thermal stores, under sink heaters, unvented hot water systems, direct and indirect cylinders, unvented storage units, and Pulsa Coils. All these kinds of electric boilers are popular throughout the UK and are known to be 99% efficient since the boilers do not use fossil fuels that cause harm to the environment and its users.

servicing an electric boiler

At JMC Enterprise Ltd, our team can service, repair and install the following types of electric boilers. 

  • Potterton
  • Range-tribute
  • Boilermate
  • Kingspan
  • Pulsacoil 2000
  • Pulsacoil A-Class
  • Heatrae Sadia
  • Albion
  • Gledhill
  • Amptec
  • Pulsacoil
  • Telford
  • Megaflow
  • Electromate 2000
  • Systemate 2000
  • Flowmaster

Poorly installed or repaired electric boilers often can create problems and may be dangerous. Loose wiring connections in many instances can lead to circuit boards burning and melting.


JMC Enterprise Ltd can carry out electric boiler repairs any time of the day subject to parts and avalibility, ensuring a prompt and efficient service for our clients. Our specialist engineers are trained diagnose and remedy all electric boiler faults regardless of their make. Usually, this could be a hot water fault or a fault on the heating system.

Our engineers will conduct tests to pinpoint the source of the issue. If the fault can easily be fixed without the need of any parts, the fee will be set. When that is not the problem, the company will give a fixed quote for the part that is to be replaced and hence carry out the fitting if the customer is okay to proceed. However, if the team can't diagnose the problem, there will be no charges applied to the client.