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Electric boilers use electricity to heat up a room and also provide hot water. Electric combi boilers are the best alternative to gas, oil and single purpose boilers. This is because they use less energy, take up lesser room space and do not release any gas during use. 

Electric combis are the latest invention among boilers. In the past, users frequently lodged complaints about boilers being too noisy, taking up too much space, wasting energy and being hard to maintain. This inspired engineers to come up with an improved and modern design and thus the electric combi was born.

They are currently hugely popular in the market, with a medium-sized model costing around £1500. Generally, the cost is determined by factors including the amount of work needed to be done; the power required your hot water usage and the number of bathrooms involved.


If you have been searching for an efficient new boiler replacement service provider in Birmingham, look no further.  JMC Enterprise Ltd is the leading service provider in maintenance and installation services for all makes and models of electric boilers. 

At JMC Enterprise Ltd we pride ourselves in providing quality and efficient boiler installation and maintenance services. You can rest assured we shall exceed your expectations. Our team of highly qualified engineers is always on-hand to provide the best service possible.

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When calculating the service cost, various factors are put into consideration. Feel free to contact us and our certified technician shall gladly take you through the options you’ve got and how much each is likely to cost you. Simply  fill in the form below with relevant details and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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Highly Economical and Convenient:  In comparison to other types of boilers, they are way cheaper in terms of maintenance, save you on energy and are also convenient in properties experiencing insufficient supply of gas or oil. As long as you have a power supply, you are good to go. 

No Health and Safety precautions: Your health and safety must always come first. The design of the electric combo boiler respects that and does not emit any harmful gases into the surroundings. 

Saves you on Space: Gone are the days when you had to move things around or even reorganise your kitchen to create room for a boiler. The electric combo boiler easily fits into a kitchen cabinet saving you on the much-needed space. 

Legally Viable: The new rule in town dictates that flues on gas cylinders must be visible along the whole length. To comply with this rule landlords have had to carry out substantial works on their properties. Some of them have not yet embraced the changes due to the expense involved. The electric combi boiler comes in handy for you. 

Wide Application: Electric combo boilers can be used in low, medium and high capacity applications; be it pharmaceutical, sterilisation, home use or even cosmetics.